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Our Mission:To Provide The Most Personal Experience In Logistics






RFA Services


RFA can ship any type of car, motorcycle, boat or RV whether it has been bought, sold, transporting for shows, or for any other reason to and from any zip code.


Our services make life easier for dealers and wholesalers when it comes to transporting multiple vehicles at once. RFA can arrange and transport full truckloads from auctions or for intrastate/interstate commerce.

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Direct Line To A Broker

Personal Experience

Will Always Deal With The Same Representative

Insured, Bonded, & Licensed

Enclosed Carriers

Unbeatable Industry Rates

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About RFA

RFA Logistics. Reliable. Fast. Affordable.
This company was built due to the fact that having a personal experience in the logistics industry was lacking. That is why we started RFA Logistics and we intend to be a leader for it by having our customers only speaking to the same logistics broker from the very first second to the last.
Please click the link below to read more about how we got started and what we are doing to grow our company into becoming a leader in the industry.

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